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The Secrets Of Rapid Growth In Your Business Is Revealed

Want to use Ajay solo Ads to Sell More & Scale Fast?

“Discover how my premium solo ad traffic can help you get affiliate sales…Irrespective of you are a beginner looking for his 1st sale or super affiliate looking to hit leaderboard positions!”

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What is Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is a form of email marketing where we sent emails containing your business offer. It is a form of "Pay per Click" marketing where you pay for a click by a visitor to your website. The email contains your offer will have links to drive traffic to your website or funnel.

Solo Ads is one of the most popular form of advertising nowadays. Most businesses reported that it brings the best ROI.

Quality Traffic Is The Key To Your Online Success...

  • One of the best ways to get traffic flowing FAST is with solo ads.

  • Solo ads are much faster than other traffic methods…

  • You don’t have to wait for weeks or months for traffic to ‘kick in’...

  • In many cases, solo traffic will start flowing in as little as a few hours from placing your order…

  • When you purchase top-quality solo ads, you’ll experience a very high rate of opt-in and even make some sales in many cases...

Why My Traffic Is Better Than Others ?

We Use A Top Quality 

Funnel To Collect Leads

The funnel we use to collect has been perfected to generate the highest quality leads which means you get top-notch traffic on every order.

Over Traffic Isn't Oversold

We’re always adding fresh leads to our list, so you can be sure the traffic you’re getting will convert at the highest price possible.

Affordable Prices

We have multiple plans available, and you can get started for as little as $.50 per click for tier-1 traffic.

Highly -Targeted MMO 

And Biz-Opp Leads

Solo Monkeys solo ads are PERFECT for biz opp, MMO, and ‘make money’ affiliate offers.

Your Satisfaction Is


We guarantee your results… If for some crazy reason you don’t get at least a 30% opt-in rate on any solo ad order, we’ll over-deliver by at least 20% on your next order at no additional charge.

How it works

This is our high level process that we go through with every client of ours.

Place Order

You select your package (the number of unique visitors you desire) and submit the link you want to send the traffic to.

Funnel Review

I will personally contact you within 24-48 hours to review your funnel and go through everything together to make sure everything is set up right.

Awesome Results

I will notify you when your campaign begins. You will get awesome results!

Look What People Are Saying About My Traffic

Working with us is your shortcut to growing your business rapidly

Choose the Plan that's right for you!!

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Why work with us

Working with us is your shortcut to growing your Instagram account rapidly.

Customized Plan

Just like every business is different, with their specific needs, goals also differs.You can choose the plan for your business need.

100% Managed

Once you are onboarded with us, you just have to see your website getting traffic, and forget about anything else. We take care of everything right from sending traffic and measuring it.

Experienced Marketers

We are different than other agencies and you can confidently trust for the solo Ads and we are pioneer in this industry.

Get Started Today

Meet Ajay

I Am ReliableI Under-Promise & Over-Deliver

I Understand How To Meet Your Expectations

I Can Customize Your Order In Almost Any Way 

I keep my list fresh, bots free, and high Tier 1 percentage.


Founder, Ajay Solo Ads


  • What are Solo Ads?

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    A Solo Ads is an email send-out/broadcast that you BUY from solo ad vendors to promote your product or service. The Solo Ad Vendors are ‘EMAIL LISTOWNERS‘ and they charge you PER CLICK to send traffic to your pages usingtheir email lists (using email broadcasts).

    It’s a Pay Per Click from advertising where the CPC (cost per click) is decided inadvance and the number of clicks is guaranteed.

    Here’s How These Ads Work:1. You select a package and place the order.2. You create a tracking link and send it to me so that i can start sending clicks.3. You measure the results using your tracking link stats.

  • How fast will you respond to my order?

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    Depends on demand, I usually respond within 24 hours.

  • Do I need a tracking software?

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    If you've got your own tracker that you'd like to use, that's great. But if you don't have a tracker of your own, we'll happily hook you up with one for free, so you can track your clicks in real-time.

  • Do you guarantee subscribers and/ or sales

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    No, this absolutely depends on your offer. However, I will ensure your offer is a good match for my list before sending it.

  • How do I proceed to order?

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    Just go to the order page, select the package and make the payment. After the payment, you will be directed to a page where you will enter your targeted website link. Upon receiving your order details, I will start the traffic.

  • What niche are your list responsive to?

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    My list is great for Business Opportunity, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Make Money Online (MMO) Niche. Offers from the mentioned niche should give a decent results. However there are dozen of different reasons why they don't and none of them is because of my traffic.

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